2013.11. - 2017.09.
Technical Sales Coordinator and Key Account Management

  • establishment of a inter-divisonal sales department for complete set of testing products and services
  • design and deployment of a new sales strategy
  • customer acquisition
  • key-account-Management
  • technical consulting for testing requirements
  • definition of technical concepts, calculations and quotations
  • responsible for the customer-department communication
  • monitoring of the technical project with regard to requirement conformity and customer satisfaction

Business Strategy / Plan

  • definition of a business strategy for the next 5 years
  • successful implementation of the first steps
  • definition of a product strategy for the future X-in-the-Loop product family
  • introduction and implementation of new innovation methods (e.g. Hackathon)
2009.03. - 2013.10.
MicroNova AG
Project Management and Software Development

  • technical responsibility for development teams up to 4 members
  • definition and responsibility for the simulation platform's ("NovaCarts") software architecture
  • creation of sponsorship proposals within the framework of the Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM) Germany
  • creation and publishing of technical papers and user documentations
  • Development: Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Platform "NovaCarts"
    • Target: replacement of the OS/9 based simulation platform with a modern PC-technology
    • used technologies:
      • Realtime Linux, preemptive kernel patch
      • ANSI C/C++
      • subversion, git
      • Ethernet, TCP/UDP
      • UML, Doxygen, Enterprise Architect
      • Eclipse CDT
      • Linux Shell Scripting
    • subprojects:
      • analysis of several realtime operating systems and selection of one
      • analysis of several realtime capable fieldbus systems
      • development of a FPGA-based Motor-IO simulation card
      • development of a TCP/UDP based synchronisation- and data transmission protocol
      • development of a POSIX-based operating system abstraction library
      • development of a IO-hardware-driver für PCIe-cards in LINUX
      • development of a simulation model runtime in realtime Linux
      • definition, implementation and support of a git-based version- and configuration-management system
      • definition and implementation of a development, testing and rollout model für NovaCarts
      • setting up and approval testing on productive systems with a pilot customer
  • development of a network protocol adapter
    • Target: development of a latency-poor gateway for the proprietary realtime protocol RDB and ADTF
    • used technologies:
      • ANSI C/C++
      • Ethernet, TCP/IP and UDP/IP
      • Linux, preemptive kernel patch

Diploma Thesis

  • development of a universal FPGA-driver-platform for NovaSim Hardware-in-the-Loop systems
    • used technologies:
      • Matlab Simulink
      • FPGA
      • LavVIEW, LabVIEW RT Module and LabVIEW FPGA Module
      • ANSI C/C++
      • XML
    • productive usage since its completion in 2010 in every new NovaSim system

working student stuff

  • development of a bus monitoring tool for CAN and LIN
    • client-server-architecture
    • client implementation in Visual Basic .NET and NI LabVIEW
    • server-implementation in NI PharLap and LabVIEW with ANSI-C components
  • efficiency analysis of two different VHDl compiler toolchains (Xilins Web ISE and National Instruments LabVIEW FPGA)
2007.08. - 2009.02.
working student projects for different companies

2007.08. - 2009.02. Messring Systembau MSG GmbH
2007.02. - 2008.02. Dokumentations- und InformationsZentrum München GmbH
2005.07. - 2007.02. Mayr Umweltanalytik GmbH Dachau


  • module development for Microsoft Navision
    • C/AL, C/SIDE, SIFT
  • development of a semi-automatic flasher tool for M=BUS
    • ANSI C, PIC Microcontroller
  • development of several tools for (semi-)automated monitoring of internal processes and workflows
    • Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications VBA
  • development of analysis algorithms and processing tools for different chemical applications
    • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic for Applications VBA
2001.09. - 2005.06.
Dresnder Bank
Customer Specialist

  • development of several automation tools for processes and workflows (e.g. bulk bank transfers) based on internal applications
    • 1.000€ reward for one of those tools in line with a internal innovation program

bank clerk trainee

  • development of several tool for the automation of internal processes and workflows (e.g. a report portfolio generator)